Lawa Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a passenger carriage company. The organization’s history spans over fifteen years. The company name was derived from the proprietor’s name MmoLAWA, and has become synonymous with success in the northern part of Botswana. Lawa Holdings was incorporated in July 2002, and since its incorporation it has grown substantially in terms of assets, routes and employees.


We currently have a total of eight buses in number. These buses are standard and semi luxury. Thus the business prides itself in a fleet with a complex mix in quality of buses making it responsive to all sectors of local and international markets. Our customer obsession means that we are always looking for affordable and innovative ways to ensure Batswana get to where they want to be and our strict adherence to driver and vehicle standards means that we never compromise on safety. Continuous investment in our buses and ensuring we have conveniently timed daily services has meant that Lawa Holdings has become the domestic partner of many Batswana. We look forward to continuing to touch the lives of our customers by bringing friends and family closer together


The organization’s consumer base is varied and wide. It constitutes members of the general public, cross border traders, tourists, students, parastatal, private firms and government agencies

Our Directors, Mr Mmolawa & Mrs Mengwe