LOCALISATION: We strongly subscribe to the concept and hence most of our acquisitions and requisitions are local.
CONFIDENTIALITY: There is no compromise at all.
COMPANY POLICY: Lawa Holdings did not have to invent everything from Mars or Jupiter when it comes to policy formulation. What was essential was to look into the environment (political, legal, technological, social, natural and economic) and make sure that applicable policies were incorporated into the company policy. The specific legal framework that governs the undertaking of construction and tinting services matters has rules and regulations that Lawa Holdings must abide by all the times. Thus the company has the following major policies:
HIV/AIDS Policy: The company in line with the National HIV/AIDS policies practices a well informed and up dated HIV program that covers the following policies:

  • It encourages voluntary testing and counseling to all its employees
  • It discourages discrimination for people living and working with HIV/AIDS
  • It periodically extends invitations to medical experts to provide information on the developmental issue of HIV/AIDS (clinical meetings on HIV)
  • Makes readily available information on availability of Drugs (ARVs)

FINAL WORD: We have the capacity to undertake any job whether big or small. It is our sincere hope that this Company Profile, has given you an insight in the operations of our company, and we look forward to doing business with you.

LABOUR/EMPLOYMENT: The Company remains an equal opportunity employer who respects the regulations governing the employment of both citizen and non citizens of the Republic of Botswana as may be amended from time to time.
GENDER: Every effort is made to ensure that our employment and trading practices do no segregate on the basis of gender.